Friday, October 22, 2010


I find my heart in the middle of the biggest tug-o-war of its life...fear and hope rarely dwell so closely together...Dare I let down my guard and let you in?  Already so many years of built up walls topped with multi-hued broken bottle shard and barbed wire fences, motes and portcullises burning tar heaped on the heads of all who enter...all of it has been one by one dismantled, until now here we stand...a ruin of the fortress that once was...trees and wildflowers, new life growing in it's center...moss on the walls...a carpet of green...all reminders that beauty dwells where once was death and fear...I'm letting you in...forcing out the fear...killing off the last of the hold-backs...At the risk of you leaving, I'm letting you in...I'd rather risk it all and see what happens than never know at all...


  1. My dear little friend, you have nothing to loose, let it in .My nephew said "Fear a life that is not lived".As always I have no idea what you are refering to , but thats what makes it fun for me, follow the story, live it beside you, I am enjoying this precariously , and love that you love "words" I will mail your Jodi Picoult book on Wed, we are having a pumpkin carving party on Sun, remember those? and then going camping with Katie and fam. XXOO Peggy

  2. I dont know why these posts always say Gary, thats my husband and he set up this account, guess thats why.