Tuesday, November 9, 2010

All That Glitters

It is an amazing thing to have ones perspective shifted so drastically...The view from where I stand is so different now than it was...I was happy before, in almost every area of my life, save one...and the happiness that has been added in these last few months, but especially these last few weeks, is beyond anything I ever imagined could be possible...My heart was already so full, and then this unexpected blinding burst of sunlight broke through and my heart was inundated with so much more than I conceived to be bearable for one heart...I have for years walked a path I thought was made of burning coals and scorching embers...but now I see it for what it was...the heat and the pressure and the fear that it would never work out transformed that path from the black and miserably dreary much loathed road to one sparkling and glittering like a thousand multifaceted stars...diamonds now pave it...priceless jewels that seemed mere stone before their true worth was revealed...and I cherish every step...as ugly and lonely and sad as they were...there were also times of joy unrecognized and promises made that this day would come, if only I would wait...haha...what choice did I have but to wait...after a certain length of time waiting is all that's left...and all the while my heart and his were being readied for the day our coal encrusted paths would meet...and that explosion of fire and light and truth and hope and love transformed the roads we walked...and now...the dark days behind us...life ahead...more life, better life...everything glittering and radiant...There is no where else I'd rather be...no other road I'd have wished to walk...and in the midst of waiting I hated the mantra "almost but not yet"...now I am so grateful for those days...and the words have changed to "this is why you waited"...and a heart this full cannot deny the beauty of such a thing...and it's no longer only mine...

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